Signature Tim Murphy Knives

 These knives range in price from $100 to $250 depending on style and materials. 

The knives to the right are Signature Tim Murphy knives. They all bare his hand knapped flint blades, as do the smaller primitive knives. Each of these knives have intricately carved handles. The designs range from turtle, feathers, eagles, crosses, bear paw, wolf paw, lightning bolt, sobriety symbol, and anything else which might find its way to his purpose on any given day. (He is happy to take custome orders.) Tim fits each knive with an Osage Orange wood and antler stand which has deer hide afixed to protect the handle at rest. To encapsulate the vision and unique artistry of these knives cannot be done here. This slideshow is an attempt to share a broader scope of Tim's over 22 plus years at this vocation. Still, Tim is always out doing himself with more beautiful work. So, give him a call and challenge his artistry with your own vision.  573-231-1016

Flint Spirit

The Artistry of Tim Murphy

Primitive Knives

with uncarved handles​

This is an example and assortment of Tim's smaller and less elaborate primitive knives. They range in price from $20.00 to $50.00 depending on the blade size and handle material used. The smaller knives are purchased by young enthusiasts, most often, and ladies looking for a bodice dagger. The mid to large sized pieces have been used in the field and camp kitchens. All of Tim's knives function as primitive instruments and will cut the skin so keep this information in mind with your children, please. Teaching healthy respect for nature comes with instilling the safety of self as well. 

Flint Knives Antler & BoneHandled Blades

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The creation of a Tim Murphy knife begins with the very process of harvesting the raw materials from mother Earth which will become his art. The knapping of the blade or the carving of the handle comes after much preparation and hours spent readying the needed materials. Tim uses almost exclusively flint stone, buffalo bone, and or shed deer or moose antler. If you ever have occassion to watchhim, he makes it look effortless. They then seem to find their place in his work space and pair up as if they were truly made for each other. Tim fits each of his high end carved display knives with an osage orange wooden stand that are also his creation. No two of his knives can be exactly alike even when he creates pair for a couple or siblings. Everything he touches is unique and has the Murphy stamp on it in this artists unique relationship with life and creative expression.  573-231-1016