About Tim Murphy

Teaching in Italy, and The Art of Flintknapping

Tim has spent many years perfecting his craft both in flintknapping and in living. He is a down to earth simple man who lives the path of the artist. Tim quarries his own flint, digs his crystals, carves all his own original designs, boils off his buffalo bone, he even makes the cords for his pendants. This is a true artist and master craftsman in the traditional sense of the word. Tim is also an accomplished musician still playing the drums learning new techniques all the time. He teaches others how to knap and when you get to know him you will realize he helps others live a better life for themselves as well. 

I've been chipping flint for around 22 years, and carving for about half that time, but forever have been in awe of the gifts given by my Creator. If it wasn't for the gift of the round molecule in a random order and the concoidal shockwave, I wonder if anyone of us would be here! All cultures were involved in stone tool making, whether your Irish like myself, German, or Italian, all our ancestors chipped flint, old world and new.

I see my art involving the emotions, mind, body and spirit, thus FlintSpirit.com was created. All the materials from stone to bone came from the earth, a fundamental truth and again a gift from God ... I'm so grateful for the creativity to manipulate the materials to bring you this art form.

I've been so blessed to cross paths with so many good people; From Italy, Alessandro and Anna who I met in the Black Hills of South Dakota while doing a show. Alessandro said “There is no one in Italy who can do what you’re doing, would you to come to Italy and demonstrate your art?” Of course I said yes !!! I knew he was for real, I could feel his honesty from the heart.   Three months later I was in Sesto Florientino Italy, doing demos at cultural events with the University of Florence and having my flint knives sold in 3 different stores in Italy .     Also I was featured in the Missouri Conservation Magazine, the Primitive archery magazine and demos at Truman University in Kirksville, Missouri !! I could go on and on about what has happened and where I’ve been and may add more later.

My goal here is to share with you that which we all have in common, a primal connection to the spirit of the stone tool. I hope you like what you see; it’s my passion and joy to bring you FlintSpirit.com !! All one of a kind pieces, I welcome any feedback..............Enjoy!!!

Tim Murphy – Owner

Tim travels to Italy every few years to teach the art of knapping. The two videos below are a portion of his teachings there. Tim sells his goods in Italy and some of his work is on exhibit there as well. His relationship with his Italian family grows deeper each year.

Flint Spirit

From Stone to Bone Gifts of The Creator

   Mark Twain Fall Show Days Hannibal MO, 

The Art of Flintknapping

Teaching in Italy